Best Lures to use for Bass Fishing as a beginner

Best Lures to use for Bass Fishing as a beginner

As a Beginner picking lures can seem daunting with millions of different lures on the market choosing the correct lures for your needs can get tricky. So here we have what you should be looking for as well as which will be best for different scenarios such as water quality and weather.

If you're planning to catch bass, the lures you choose will make or break your success. Depending on the water conditions and the desired depth for your catch, the color of your lure can significantly increase your fishing success. When fishing in clear water, natural colors such as silver, white, yellow, and chartreuse can help you to stand out from the background and draw attention from the bass. In murky, stained water, brighter colors such as red, orange, and green are more attractive to bass, as they create a contrast in the cloudy water. If bass are lurking in deeper water, darker colors like blues and purples can work well to attract them. You should have a wide variety of lures in different colors and sizes so you can adjust to changing conditions and target the best catches. Now that we have gotten through what color and sizes you should be using lets dig into which lures are great for beginners!


1. Paddle Tail Swim Baits: Paddle Tail Swim Baits are one of the best types of lures to use when fishing for bass. When using these lures it is important to find an area where you believe that bass may be located. This could be around weeds, structure, or any other area that you believe the bass are present. Once you have located your fishing spot, you will want to cast your paddle tail swim bait out and begin retrieving it back towards you. The idea is to keep your lure about 1-2 feet above the weeds or structure and let it move at a slow pace. Keep your rod tip up and retrieve the bait slowly to ensure that the bass will be able to detect it. Once the fish strikes, set the hook and you'll have your new catch!


2.Jointed Swim Baits: Jointed swim baits are similar to regular paddle tail swim baits, however they have multiple joints which provide more action and vibrations in the water. When using these types of baits it is important to make sure that your retrieve pace is consistent and slow. Keep your rod tip up and let the bait move around to create the illusion of a small bait fish. When the bass strikes, quickly set the hook and you're good to bring your catch in!


3.Senkos: Senkos are one of the most popular bass lures on the market today. When using a Senko it is important to cast right into the cover and let the bait sink to the bottom slowly. Give the bait some light twitches and shakes to attract the bass. When the fish strikes, be sure to set the hook quickly and you should have a new catch on your line!


4.Creature Baits: Creature baits are usually made of soft plastic and imitate the look and behavior of small critters in the water. When fishing with these baits it is important to cast into the target area and slowly retrieve the bait back toward you. Make sure to give the bait some irregular twitches and shakes as it moves in the water. The bass should strike the bait when it moves like a small creature swimming in the water. When the fish strikes, be quick to set the hook and try to bring it in!


These are all great techniques that any angler can utilize when trying to catch bass. Depending on the season and the water conditions, different baits will perform better than others.

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